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Carl Hyde, photographer extraordinaire, catcher of moments imprinted in time.
It is rare, in my view, to find someone that can capture a unique moment in time through a lens. It is even rarer for this someone to make sure this moment has a particular signature, that of a photographer who can see beyond his lens and make that moment universal.
When I met Carl last year to interview him at the famous Bar Italia, opposite where he works (the iconic Ronnie Scott’s), I knew immediately this guy had a talent that would fill trucks and trucks and trucks.
Not an exaggeration…. One has to simply check through the different photos as published on this website to understand and appreciate this man’s work. His collection of work has been amassed throughout a good few years of hard work and observation. “I never delete anything” says Carl. A hoarder photographer? No, just a way of conserving one’s work. To go back and have a look at some of the snaps taken a few years ago or even a few months ago, means re-learning, evolving. To learn from the past to live better in the future.
Carl Hyde’s photos “exude musicality, freedom and beauty…. There is humanity behind the glossy façade which makes them so much more than just photographs!”

Erminia Yardley - writer & journalist